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MHA of Orleans is a non-profit organization in upstate New York that provides advocacy and education to individuals on the topic of mental health issues. We became established in 1994 as an educational outreach about mental illness and to break the stigma attached.

In 2004, MHA opened a drop-in center that provides a safe drug and alcohol free environment for those who struggle with mental illness or situational depression. The drop-in center is run by elected officers and provides a hot evening meal for those who pay a small monthly membership fee.

Crafts, parties, picnics, games, and socialization are just some of the benefits to becoming a member. Please see our calendar for current happenings.


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    Nola Goodrich-Kresse said,

    What a great blog! I really like the picture. Your calendar looks great. Thank you for setting this up. I think this might have more of an impact than a website might.

    Keep up the good work!

    For the health of it,

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